Joel Schofield - Group Vice President

Located just outside of Boston, Joel joined our parent company RCH in 2004 after a career in publishing. Joel is responsible for new lines of business and was the driving force in launching our non-profit business in 2015. 


Donny McSweeney - Vice President of Program Operations

Based out of Boston, Don has been with our organization since graduating from Villanova University in 2007. Involved in launching multiple lines of business throughout his career, Don has been overseeing program operations in our non-profit sector since our launch in 2015


Matthew McGinnis - National Director of Fundraising

Matt began his Career in fundraising at Greenpeace in 2011. Quickly rising through the ranks he managed Greenpeace’s most historically successful market in San Diego. With almost a decade of experience Matt comes well-versed in all aspects of fundraising. Matt officially joined the Threshold team in April 2018. Working out of his local market in Tacoma, Washington, Matt is involved with all aspects of Threshold Giving.


Danielle Powell- Regional Director

Danielle was hired as a Professional Fundraiser during the initial weeks of our Virginia Beach market launch. With Threshold Giving since 2017, Danielle oversees campaigns for The Humane Society of the United States in VA and NC, Save the Children in VA, and City Gospel Mission in OH.


Herman Bauer- National Director of Recruiting

Herman comes to Threshold Giving continuing a career of service. After spending many years on the National Senior Team at Clean Water Action, Herman has expertise both developing and running grassroots programs across New England- while also training Canvass Directors across the country. Herman originally hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and holds his BSBA in Marketing from Robert Morris University. Herman handles National Recruitment for our Threshold Team and is passionate about the work because we empower nonprofits with the resources they need to succeed and connect them directly to community stakeholders.  


Sacramento, CA


Alicia Esquivido - Canvass Director, Sacramento - CA STC

Alicia joined Threshold Giving in 2018 as an already seasoned fundraising professional. Formerly at Greenpeace, Alicia help launch the Sacramento office before eventually assuming the role as City Coordinator for GP. Quickly rising through the ranks, Alicia is now the Canvass Director for our Save the Children operation in Sacramento, CA


Richmond, Virginia

Caitlin Robison - Team Leader - Richmond, VA - STC

Caitlin joined our team in September of 2018. She relocated to Richmond from Fredricksburg after graduating from Randolf-Macon College with a degree in business communications with an emphasis in non-profit management. She is passionate about creating a better world through positive change. She believes that children are our future and is now making a difference, managing our Save the Children campaign in Richmond, VA. 

She also has a cat named Bill who she loves very much. 


Raleigh, North Carolina


Jess Cavalero - Canvass Director- Raleigh, NC

Joining Threshold Giving in May of 2017, Jess has risen through the ranks of Professional Fundraiser to Team Leader and to eventually Canvass Director of our Raleigh, NC office. 


St Petersburg, FL


Matt Marsden - Canvass Director - St Petersburg, FL

After a decorated career at Greenpeace Matt Marsden has worked for multiple non-profits in his time in the Face to Face Fundraising industry. Joining Threshold Giving in February, 2019 Matt oversees our Save the Children program in St. Pete, FL.

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Star Collins- Team Leader - Cincinnati, OH - CGM

Star joined Threshold Giving in early June, 2019 as a Fundraiser working on the City Gospel Mission program in Cincinnati, OH. Quickly rising through the ranks, Star has taken on the role of our local leader on TG’s newest program.